10 Year Permanent Residency

Find out your requirements, fees and suitability for permanent residency.
  1. 10 year Permanent Residency can be granted to applicants and their families.
  2. After 10 years, the residency can be renewed or you can apply for citizenship and a Vanuatu passport
  3. No extra annual renewal fees, fees are paid once for the whole 10 year period
  4. Very simple application and very quick process, it’s the quickest residency process in the world
  5. No proof of regular income is needed
  6. No language requirements
  7. You don’t need to visit or reside in Vanuatu to get Permanent Residency, you can get it while you’re abroad
  8. Good for anyone who requires proof of residence in another country for education purposes.
  9. Permanent Residency in a commonwealth country close to New Zealand and Australia.

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