Trusted residency and citizenship services

Additional Residency Services

Vilapass offer trustworthy services for aspiring residents and foreign investors in Vanuatu and Citizenship options in Vanuatu and Caribbean.

Conducting business in Vanuatu?

Our team of professionals can guide you through the processes for Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority or residency. We help you understand the Vanuatu culture, language and how to conduct business with the Vanuatu community.

Seeking Carribbean citizenship?

Speak to our team for more information on Caribbean Citizenship.

Caribbean Citizenship Services

Caribbean Citizenship

Our partners can assist with the Caribbean Citizenship process.

Speak to our professional, trusted team for more information on Caribbean Citizenship.

Vanuatu 10 Year Permanent Residency Experts

10 Year Permanent Residency

Our team of experienced professionals can guide you through the residency process.

Find out your requirements, fees and suitability for 10 year permanent residency in Vanuatu.

Suitable for foreign investors and business professionals

Vanuatu Investment Promotion Authority

We can assist you with your VIPA application process.

Let our team guide you through the VIPA process from start to finish.

Find the right Vanuatu residency permit for you.

Residency Permit By Category

We help you access permits to travel, purchase land or run a business in Vanuatu.

Our team of experts know which Vanuatu residency permit will best suit your needs. Contact our team today.

Operate a successful business in Vanuatu

Professional Services, Administration & Consulting

We provide business administration services to help you run a successful business in Vanuatu.

Vilapass have the connections and understanding of Vanuatu culture to help your company thrive in the vibrant Vanuatu business community.

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